about us

LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE is uniquely positioned in a niche space within the CRM industry, being one of the only players in the enterprise space providing an all-encompassing Strategic Management and Account Relationship Methodology and Technology Solution.

Since 1993, we have successfully assisted clients of all sizes across a broad spectrum of industries to structure their sales and marketing operations.

Superior service delivery and product development have rewarded us with a client confidence and trust that have enabled us to stand out as a leading provider in the Industry.

We have focused our business on providing a total solution that is driven by quality employees and a long term commitment to our customer's business success. We have learned that PEOPLE drive business success not processes!

We focus on the PEOPLE.

Consulting, Training and Software Applications in isolation are unlikely to produce the behavioural changes needed to meet the challenge of a competitive marketplace. As companies need to adopt more aggressive sales and marketing policies, it is vital to provide holistic development and practices in all of the above three areas. This will ensure that everyone has the knowledge and skills to meet and beat the many challenges that will arise.

Our approach, therefore, is to offer a process of total development, which leads to success and better results for our customers.

We give managers the skills to lead, plan, motivate, and support their teams. We help people from all disciplines to be more effective in handling their "customers", whether external or internal, and we build up the skills of these teams by using our modular, totally practical online training programmes..