Success in consulting and training depends on a number of criteria. Perhaps the most important is the support given to the delegates after the programmes by both Senior Management and Leadership Alliance.

We work closely with Senior Management to ensure that they buy into the process first before rolling it out to the organisation. Plans are developed based on the programme material to ensure adaptability to their real-world situations. This plan, supported by Leadership Alliance, will ensure that implementation happens and that changes take place in behaviour, attitudes and results.

Our philosophy in training, development and consultancy is simple. We use a series of key steps to ensure our customers can build on their own abilities. This, combined with our experience, ideas and knowledge, achieves the results they expect.


    Any project we do demands that Leadership Alliance and the customer enter into a partnership - not just contractually, but in spirit and friendship. Working together in trust is the single biggest step that will ensure success.

    Included in the project are a number of agreed formal and informal programmed review meetings. These can take many forms from advising on matters concerning any programme material to consulting on key areas of importance in the customers business.

    All of the training programmes offered online are in modular form. Our modular approach offers the customer a process of development leading to success for their teams and better results for their company. The lasting effect of training comes from delegates completing short measured modules in an agreed timeframe. Delegates are assessed after each module to test understanding.