The Marketing Events Module is an optional module designed in SMART and adds a new dimension to account management in terms of involving the marketing department in the process of account relationships.

This module is designed to interact with the account data that is captured in SMART. This allows you to evaluate your marketing expense against current and potential business you expect from the customer.

The module allows the automation of all marketing correspondence to the client which includes the email invitation, RSVP, feedback forms and general correspondence.

The reporting provides management with a view of who has attended events, which events have been the most successful, who has attended the most events and what the cost of events vs the business concluded is.

System Functioanlity

Creating an events calendar.

When users hover their mouse cursor over a thumbnail image a brief description of the event will appear for easy identification when there is more than one event on the same day.

Permitting the selection of clients to attend an event.

Management of authorisations before invites can be sent.
Attendance register management.
Customised correspondence (e.g. emails, maps, documentation etc.)

History of events attended by the client.

Costing per person per company (bookkeeping)
Personalised email event invites.

Internal invitee control.
Both internal and external event management.
By using a common database client information is up to date and maintained.