The SMART Enterprise software solution enhances and sustains the benefits of the SMART methodology, by seamlessly integrating technology into the daily activities of the organisation. The system was designed by sales professionals for sales professionals.


    In order to effectively develop objectives and strategies to retain and ultimately increase revenue opportunities in Customer Accounts, the pro active gathering and management of information is critical and needs to be imbedded as a culture within the organisation. The SMART Accounts module allows pro-active planning to ensure that the activities of everyone involved in an account are directed towards the Account Strategy and the ultimate achievement of the overall Account Objective.


    Individual customer relationships and “contact management” has for many years been identified as the single biggest factor affecting both sales and account retention. The correct management of the information around the many roles and influences that an individual can have within an account or within multiple accounts is, therefore, the biggest contributor to Account profitability and growth. The SMART Contacts module ensures that individuals within the account are treated as such in line with their responsibilities and expectations.


    From the salesman to the managing director there is one constant nightmare... the inability to provide accurate sales forecasts. Planning and managing the execution of a strategy around a particular business opportunity is often left to hear say and the salesman's “gut feel”. The SMART Deals module ensures that the correct sales activities are planned and monitored at individual opportunity levels. The accurate forecasting of an individual deal leads to accurate overall sales forecasting.


    On average, employee costs constitute 60% of an organisation's expenses. It is critical that employees are not only considered to be assets in the organisation, but are indeed assets in the organisation. Employees require the correct level of knowledge and skill, as well as the motivation, to perform at their best. Each employee needs to be managed as an individual in order for him/her to become an asset in the organisation. The SMART Employee module enables the effective management as well as self-management of employees in terms of their individual activities, development goals and business performance.


    The use of the SMART Reports module provides information from the above four areas. This in turn allows the sales team and management to be efficient and effective in their day to day business and management activities.